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Saline Breast Implants

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Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, surface textures, and sizes. Depending on the desired shape you wish to attain, you and your Better Looks surgeon may choose a contoured or round breast implant shape. Generally, the larger you want your cup size, the larger the breast implant your Better Looks doctor in Costa Rica will consider (measured in cubic centimeters).

Saline implants are the most commonly used implants in the United States. They differ in shell surface (i.e. smooth or textured) and thickness, volume, profile, shape (round or anatomical) and can be expandable as well. The majority of saline implants are single lumen and are filled at the time of surgery.

Saline breast implants contain saline as its filler material. Unlike silicone, saline is considered to be completely safe. This is because saline is a salt-water solution that is similar to the fluid that makes up the majority of the human body. The shell of this kind of implant consists of a strong, silicone elastomer shell and is filled with a sterile saline solution at the time of surgery.

Ruptures in breast implants are a prospect that anybody obtaining breast implants faces. Even though breast implants are made to be strong and stable, there are occurrences where they can break and the filler material contained within the implant may leak and circulate through the body. If a rupture would occur, a saline breast would deflate and the saline held within the implant would harmlessly absorb within the body.

Contact Us!This safety feature is a major reason why saline breast implants are the most widely used type of implant. Despite not being able to replicate the same natural look and feel of a silicone breast implant, saline breast implants are actually extremely versatile.

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Overfilling Breast Implants

Implants come in a wide range of sizes. All breast implants have a fill amount that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Contact Us!If your fills the implant past the point of the manufacturer recommendation, this is known as "overfill". Overfilling (depending on the amount) makes the implant feel firmer and doesn't provide any distinguishable size difference.

Overfilling may also increase your risk of having visible and/or palpable ripples.

Underfilling Breast Implants

If the implant is not filled to the minimum recommendation, it can get folds in it, which can imperil the reliability of the implant, possibly causing it to rupture. The constant "rubbing" of the fold can lead to rupture.Visible ripples are also more common in implants that are not filled to the minimum recommended amount, depending on the amount of breast tissue you start with.


Contact Us!After analyzing all this information you may now make the correct decision and finally have the breasts that you have been longing for, look in the mirror and be happy for realizing your dreams at a lower cost and with the correct precautions that are necessary with any plastic surgery. The information given in this website should be considered as an introduction to a breast implant surgery. Before deciding on submitting yourself to a breast implant procedure , we highly recommend you contact Better Looks directly, so we can answer any specific question you might have.

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