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Implant Incision Placement

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Incision placement in breast augmentation

All incisions have their advantages and disadvantages. Where the incision is made depends on what your individual preferences are as well as whether or not you can find a doctor experienced in using the type of incision you desire.

Incisions for pre-filled implants (eg: silicone gel breast implants or prefilled saline breast implants) are a little longer than those of their equivalent, the inflatable saline implants. However, a skilled surgeon can place a pre-filled implant via a fairly small incision, depending upon the size of the implant. Inserting textured pre-filled implants will require a longer incision. This is due to the rough nature of the shell. Also, textured implants are not as soft and pliable as smooth implants, therefore, it is not "manipulated" through the incision as easily.

Inflatable saline implants will have a smaller incision. The implant is rolled up into a "cigar-like" shape, then inserted, and finally, filled with saline solution. These implants can be placed via any incision.

Contact Us!As a means to offer you more information concerning the different types of incisions when it comes to breast augmentation, Better Looks offers the following guide to help you make your decision.

Versión Español: Tipos de Incisión


a.k.a. navel or belly button incision

This is the most recent incision developed by plastic surgeons. Due to this, very few surgeons out there actually have training when it comes to making this incision. The implants can be placed over the muscle or in the sub-muscular position with this method.

Your surgeon will start by making an incision at the rim of the navel. Afterwards, using an endoscope (a lighted camera), a tunnel is made through the subcutaneous fat (the layer just beneath the skin) to the loose tissue behind the breast. Once the pocket has been made, the implant is rolled up, inserted through the incision and worked up to the breast. When it has been placed in the pocket, the sterile saline solution is added through the fill tube. When the desired fill amount and/or look is achieved, the fill tube is removed.

Contact Us!Your Better Looks doctor will carefully examines everything with the endoscope, once the implant is in place. If everything goes successfully, the endoscope is removed and the incision is sutured.

Contact Us!. The TUBA method is less invasive than other methods.

. Implies a shorter recovery period, as well as less post-op discomfort due to less trauma of the tissues.

. In rare occurances, "v" tracks can be permanently left on the stomach resulting from the endoscope being pushed up under the skin. Though "v" tracks aren't common, they can and do happen.

. It can be somewhat difficult to find a surgeon that is skilled and experienced with this procedure.

Contact Us!. If there are problems with the placement of the implants via the navel incision, it's likely that another incision will need to be used, commonly the areola or crease incision.


a.k.a: Inframammary Fold

The crease incision is probably the most frequent incision currently used for breast augmentation. This incision site allows the implant to be placed over, partially under or completely under the muscle; or removed from these various placements.

The incision is made in the inframammary fold, commonly known as the crease. If the incision is performed correctly, the scar should not be visible (except when being in a horizontal position). Your Better Looks surgeon will usually try to place the incision so that it will fall just above the inframammary fold. This is done in order to prevent the scar being seen, like for example, if your bathing suit top rides up.

. Practically all post-augmentation revisions (such as for capsular contracture, symmastia, bottoming out, etc.) can all be performed via this incision.

Contact Us!. If you have the transax incision, and need a revision due to a problem, chances are, you will need to use a different incision, which means more scars.

. Your surgeon (in cases in which there is little breast tissue or little to no natural crease) has to guess as to where to place the incision. Nonetheless, most surgeons are very good with this particular incision and having a misplaced crease incision is not often a problem.

. Contact Us!If you decide you want much larger implants afterwards, your crease will have to be lowered. Getting much bigger implants may mean that your incision scars from your previous surgery(s) will ride higher on the breast.The same thing applies when you want to go smaller after you initial breast augmentation. If you decide to have your breast implants permanently removed, the crease incision will be visible, no matter what.


Armpit Incision

This particular incision offers a scar-less breast after the procedure. The incision site is in the armpit, in the natural "folds" of skin, hiding it very well.

Breast implants can be placed over the muscle, partially underneath the muscle, or completely behind the muscle/fascia with this incision.


Contact Us!. Should the scars not heal as nicely as you expect, most people aren't likely to associate scars in the armpit area with breast surgery of any kind.

Contact Us!. If a complication occurs, and you need to have another surgery, chances are, you'll wind up getting a different incision. Some surgeries are just too difficult to perform via the transax incision.



a.k.a. "nipple incision" or "areola incision"

The nipple incision is presently one of the most widely used incisions. All implant types can be placed over the muscle, partial sub-muscular or total submuscular, or removed, via this incision.

The incision is made just beyond the areola (the darker area of skin surrounding the nipple). Your Better Looks surgeon makes the incision at the very edge of the areola where the dark tissue meets the lighter breast tissue, aiding the scar when it comes to "blending it in".

Contact Us!The incision should not be made within the areola. If the incision heals in a light colored scar, you will have a white "smiley face" inside of your areola, which will be noticeable and won't be attractive. Luckily, the scars tend to heal quite nicely.

Contact Us!. This is the incision when it comes to a breast lift. All breast lifts require an incision around the nipple. In these cases, it would be pointless to use any other incision.

Contact Us!. When placing the implant in the partial or complete sub-muscular position using this, the muscles and/or fascia (connective tissue) will have to be separated. This means that more post-op discomfort will ensue, due to the trauma the muscle/connective tissues are subjected to.


Contact Us!After analyzing all this information you may now make the correct decision and finally have the breasts that you have been longing for, look in the mirror and be happy for realizing your dreams at a lower cost and with the correct precautions that are necessary with any surgery. The information given in this website should be considered as an introduction to a breast implant surgery. Before deciding on submitting yourself to a breast implant procedure , we highly recommend you contact Better Looks directly, so we can answer any specific question you might have.


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